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The Tale Unfolds

A Mystery Thiller

Ten years ago, I decided to write a mystery thriller set at the United States Naval Base, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The Little Man and I had lived there for a number of years, so I enlisted his help. What do you remember about the base? He replied, A lot. 

Unique Research Techniques

Every night before I went to sleep, I provided the little man with a list of topics that I planned to write about the next day. While I slept he skated around in my head, pulling information from gigantic rolodexes compiled from a lifetime of travel and experiences--both real and fictional. The next morning, I accessed the information and went to work.


So far, I have filled three books with the adventures of a covert team of international operatives who use trickery, artful finesse, and old-fashioned hanky-panky to take down the bay guys.

Reading Revs Up Curiosity

Rudyard Kipling wrote of the elephant child who had a 'satiable curiosity. I do too. I spend my days reading and writing. Yes, I do all the usual things too--the wash, house cleaning, car maintenance, and food shopping. I even iron. Once these tasks are completed, the little man and I roam around looking for interesting things to occupy our thoughts. 

Sharing Our Finds

Check out the files tab and you will see book reviews, trivia questions, analogies, and queries about medieval art, illuminated books, the decoction of paint colors, as well as Aboriginal and Native American myths, the Spanish influence on Scotland,  and the northernmost islands of the United Kingdom. I plan to add to these files on a regular basis.